Design for Mixed Reality

Interaction · UXUI · Mixed Reality
Summer 2017

During the summer of 2017, I interned at Microsoft under WindowsNEXT team in Redmond, Washington, developing and ideating mixed reality user experiences. Specifically, I had the opportunity to design for future-facing 3D interactions within education. I was responsible for leading a project from research, prototyping, testing to deliverables.

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Prototyping Explorations

A series of fun low-fi to high-fi explorations from learning and creating 3D, virtual environments through 2D renders, Illustrator/Sketch App, VR Player, Blocks, Tiltbrush, Blender and Unity. A challenge I faced was being able to translate traditional UX/UI, communication design thinking into this new, 3D medium. As the tools for designing in this domain was undefined, I spent a lot of my time delving into this series of tools, assessing the pros and cons of each, while attempting to prototype some of the environments I had imagined. A quote that was relevant and resonated with me a lot —
“You don’t need to be an expert in VR; you just need to be willing to apply your skills to a new domain.”
Interaction Design Explorations

I'm interested in exploring how intuitive, natural gestural inputs of our physical world can be incorporated in this new era of hybrid interactions.

Below are some preliminary rendered interaction models explored - I found that interaction communication through 2D renderings was ineffective, as it did not truly test human interaction. Evaluating through physical role-play - whether it was having someone else 'act out' the interaction, or trying the touch-and-feel through Google Blocks seemed more effective.
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