Health AI (2050)
Speculative Design · UXUI · Mixed Reality
Spring 2018

Team Project with Soonho Kwon
Course: Environments Studio III
Instructor: Dan Lockton
What is the role of artificial intelligence in a health-centric, data-driven future?
Health AI is a design concept of the day-in-the-life in a health-centric, data-driven 2050. 

The government has mandated the nationwide use of health-oriented AI systems that span across 
many different facets of life. As a team, Soonho and I explored how data collection/usage, machine learning and human-AI interactions exist in this version of the future by building a hybrid experience — physical environments of a bathroom, kitchen, dining space (birds eye view below) with augmented interactions.

Experience Walk-through
Phase 1: How is data collected?
--Health AI in the Bathroom

Health AI learns about your well- being during your day and night time teeth brushing. 

In the day...
- Collects biometric data during your brush through your smart toothbrush.
- Visualizes and learns how your body is doing in real-time.
- Understands macro patterns of your eating habits, communicating your personal health profile through a data visualizing device, in this case the form of a health watch.

At night... 
- Uses accumulated day-time data to analyze for needed nutrients and supplements. 
- Infuses nutrients and supplements into toothpaste through a toothpaste infusing device
- Provides advice for preventive health measures through health watch.
​​​​​​​Phase 2: What does cooking look like?
--Cook AI in the Kitchen

Cook AI recognizes your cultural and behavioral preferences, and combines traditional and innovative practices to best satisfy your family’s health needs. 

1. Browsing
Recipes are tuned to you and your family’s health profiles, which are updated in real-time in reference to the recipe being browsed. A consistent interface similar to the health watch may be used.

2. Grocery Shopping
Fresh grocery ordering is streamlined with this highly customized system. In an hour, fresh ingredients will arrive at your door!

3. Prep & Cook
Cook traditionally through augmented step-by-step guide! Innovative suggestions are also available.

4. Plating
Health AI utilizes data to determine food portioning, where plating is optimized to ‘fairness’ levels; optimizing to least affect family dynamics and tradition at the dining table.
Phase 3: What does eating look like?
--Health AI in the Dining Space

Health AI collects and updates your well-being data during your meal.

Health AI...
- Uses scanning technology to detect your eating habits. 
- Updates health status in real-time through health watch.
- User returns to bathroom phase at the end of day to collect any additional supplements.
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