A3. Prototyping Learning Environments
Through the exploration of IDEATE studios located on the basement level of Hunt Library, this assignment aims to address existing problems within this space and propose a future oriented design studio through prototyping and understanding of online, physical and hybrid environments.
/ IDEATE Space Exploration 
1. IDEATE's Purpose, Existing Issues and Brainstorm
2. Elements of Deliverables
3. Proposed Storyboard
4. Preliminary Photographic Storyboard
5. Narrative and Key Moment Development
6. Topic Change - Team Merge with Lucas and Cameron
/ Developing Clarivoyant
Initial interface designs on Keynote and After Effects. We first began simulating the experience using photo realistic objects, and a grid system inspired by the format of the cutting mat.
Initial working demo we presented during our dry-run presentation. As we began testing how our digital interactions would appear in physical space. Following are also in-process photos as we figured out how to set-up our working space properly - having 1-to-1 real time mapping of our design iterations to test with the physical components.
Towards our last week working days, we moved from using realistic imagery to using graphical representations similar to those from fritzing diagrams. As a team, we thought it was more appropriate to render a system that utilized simpler imagery, which was better in terms of visual communication.